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Rave Concert Drug Overdose Lawsuit

Posted on Aug 11, 2015 By Mark J. Leeds

Rave Concerts today are more drug fueled than other party-goer concerts.

These drugs, including Ecstasy, Flacca, Molly, Bath Salts and other illegal substances taken are specific to their attendance at the event, and often are taken by first time users.

The abundance of available drugs and ease with which the rave crowd obtain the drugs make it crystal clear that the security and management of the event should have the reasonable expectation that there will be drug dealers and drug deals taking place immediately outside, inside and during the event itself.

Young adults are subjected to intense peer pressure at these raves, and think that ingesting these totally unregulated and often dangerous concoctions will enhance acceptance of their peer group social status. Few users report arriving at the event with their own drug supply.

Recently, emergency room doctors in Los Angeles banded together to propose a ban upon Rave Concerts.

When attendees overdose at a Rave, the ER physician and Emergency Responders are placed in a difficult position.

The exact substance ingested is often unknown. The person may report that they purchased Molly but in fact the drug which was given to them was not Molly but some mix or other drugs which may include harmful or toxic ingredients.

Rave Concerts in South Florida, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have led to injury, coma, kidney failure, and tragic wrongful death.

Contact my firm to discuss your legal rights, as there may be the possibility of a lawsuit for compensatory damages against the club owner, venue management, bouncers, security, event producer or other company.

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