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Air Bag Injuries

When You Have Sustained Air Bag Injuries in Fort Lauderdale, Consult with Personal Injury Lawyer Mark J. Leeds

We know that our vehicles come equipped with certain safety features intended to keep us safe. In fact, many car buyers purchase vehicles based, in part, on their safety features, especially when children will be passengers in the vehicle. We trust that those safety features will insulate us from harm or at least reduce the seriousness of any injuries sustained should a car accident occur. And, for the most part, devices such as air bags have reduced serious injuries in auto accidents. However, when they fail, the very devices intended to keep us safe can cause serious injuries.

There are numerous reasons why an air bag may not deploy or open. The failure could be due to several scenarios, including defective sensors or monitors, improper installation or repair, or failure on the part of an auto body repair shop to replace an opened air bag if the car had been involved in a prior accident or was a stolen and recovered car.

If you have suffered injuries in the Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers area due to an air bag failure, Fort Lauderdale product liability attorney Mark J. Leeds can analyze your case to determine whether or not you should pursue compensation. Under most circumstances, air bag injury claims are very time consuming and technical, so Mark limits the number of injury victims of defective air bag cases to those whose injuries are quite severe. This does not mean that other lawyers or law firms will not be interested in your possible air bag failure case, it just means that Mark limits his practice to catastrophic injuries for this category to ensure that those he does represent will receive the personalized, in-depth services that they deserve.

What to Do When a Safety Device Doesn’t Keep You Safe? Contact a Product Liability Attorney

When an air bag deploys effectively, it can keep a driver or passenger from suffering serious head injuries caused by crashing into the steering wheel, the dashboard, or the windshield. However, when the air bag is late in deploying, the victim’s face can smash into it – and whatever is beyond it – before it is fully inflated. When the air bag deploys too soon, it will begin to deflate before it has served its purpose. In either case, serious eye injuries, facial injuries, head trauma, and even death can result.

As previously stated, a defective air bag claim is usually a difficult and technical claim. It will likely require that the air bag and the vehicle be examined before the auto can be repaired, as the defective condition is not usually easily or sufficiently documented for forensic or legal purposes. If, for example, the air bag or air bags have not opened, and then the defective air bag is replaced without determining why the failure occurred, there may be difficulties in proving exactly which component or part of the air bag or safety system was faulty. Generally, there may still be a case that can be brought, but the absence of specific detailed evidence may hamper the likelihood of success. Therefore, the best way to assess and document the defective air bag and the reasons for its failure are to have access to the vehicle and the air bag prior to its repair and replacement. An engineer may be a needed technical expert, and sometimes, arrangements must be made to store the automobile until such time as the engineer can come to inspect the vehicle and air bags.

In Fort Lauderdale, personal injury lawyer Mark J. Leeds has more than 30 years of experience that has provided him with the expertise and knowledge necessary to demonstrate how design flaws, faulty installation, or defects in manufacturing can lead to a problem with air bag deployment. As your accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Mark will work tirelessly to ensure that every available means of remuneration is pursued on your behalf to ensure the best possible chance of obtaining the justice you may be due.

Air Bag Failure Can Cause Serious Injuries; Your Fort Myers Accident Attorney Can Help Recover Your Losses

Mark has found, in his experience, that air bag claims are normally hotly contested by the automobile industry and their respective insurance companies, so unless you have the most obvious of facts, documentation, and a very serious injury, there could be greater difficulty in trying to obtain a reasonable early settlement offer for this category or type of defective products claim than you might have anticipated.

When you are recovering from a serious accident due to air bag failure, you can rely upon the legal counsel and representation of Fort Lauderdale accident lawyer Mark J. Leeds to guide you through every aspect of your case. Gain peace of mind knowing that your interests and rights will be upheld and protected at every juncture of your case with a compassionate, yet aggressive approach.

If You’ve Suffered Air Bag Injuries in Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers, Contact Product Liability Lawyer Mark J. Leeds for a Free Consultation

In Fort Lauderdale, product liability attorney Mark J. Leeds is a Board Certified* civil trial lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in Florida handling personal injury lawsuits arising from air bag failure accidents. He has been recognized by his peers for his work in trial law and has received the highest ranking possible for his commitment to professional ethics. To receive a free legal consultation regarding your accident and the injuries you have suffered due to air bag failure, contact Mark at 888.446.1999 or fill out the convenient online case evaluation form.

* Mark J. Leeds is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by The Florida Bar.

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