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Frequently Asked Questions



Mark, why should I use you instead of some other Personal Injury Lawyers?

Good question. Let’s try this simple test. Make a note of the other law firm’s contact number. Wait till Saturday night. Leave us both a message to call you. Speak with both of us. I doubt you will get a return call from many lawyers besides me that evening. I consider my work to be a full time life commitment. My website says Legal Passion and Personal Compassion because I mean it, not because some website guy told me to put it there.

Look at the best other choice law firm.

Are they:

  • Florida Bar Board Certified since 1987? Over 25 years and recertified several times.
  • ABOTA members?
  • Martindale Hubbell AV rated? Their highest rating for ethics and ability.
  • Have they had over 100 jury trials to verdict?

If your answer is yes, then maybe at least you have demanded credentials of competence, expertise, experience, and ethics.

Now, ask them, how many cases to do have in your office?

I specifically limit my caseload to very few select cases, and they get a tremendous amount of personal attention and preparation. I think preparation is key.

Lastly, do not rely on the information and answers you see here in this personal injury law faq, make an appointment to meet me in person.

After following these steps, you should have some comfort level with your selection.

Why is my Florida Personal Injury Case taking so long?

My clients sometimes call me and say, “Hey Mark, my accident happened 6 months ago, why is my personal injury case taking so long?”

Well for one thing, personal injury cases really cannot be evaluated properly, under most circumstances, until your medical treatment has finished. So, if you were undergoing medical treatment for the first 3 months after the accident, why are you thinking that the case is really taking so long?

Your treatment is part of the reason your case is taking so long. Also, once your treatment has finished we have to get your medical records, wait until your medical bills are processed, and then, in most cases, we will try to settle your personal injury case.

When we present the other person’s insurance company with this big package of medical records, they will take the medical records apart and review them, piece by piece, and sometimes the insurance company will want their own doctors to look them over. This takes some time. It can easily take 30-45 days for complicated personal injury cases.

Then, the insurance company may have a round table committee that meets once or twice a month, or perhaps the unit supervisor will look over all cases every two weeks. There goes another month.

If your Florida personal injury case is taking too long, and you are itching for a lawsuit to be filed, then you do need to speak with your Florida lawyer about your feelings, to establish his or her reasoning as to either filing the lawsuit or waiting it out.

How long do Personal Injury Cases usually take?

There is no golden rule about time limits. See my responses about time limits to sue in Florida and why a personal injury case may take longer than you think. For simple cases, like a two car accident lawsuit, the case may move a lot faster than some complicated products liability case.

According to the Florida Supreme Court Guidelines, a lawsuit once filed should reasonably take 14 months until it is concluded by either: settling; being dismissed; or getting a jury trial. However, due to the huge amount of foreclosures and other legal proceedings clogging up the courthouse dockets and calendars, the cases are moving much more slowly, especially in South Florida.

The effects of our current economic climate are not only increasing the workload on our judges, but are also placing strain on the judiciary budget.

How can I get my Florida Personal Injury Lawyer to return a phone call?

If you have randomly tried to call your Florida personal injury lawyer, how do you know if he or she is ducking your call, or is perhaps simply really busy? Ask for a set time to speak with your attorney, like a phone appointment.

Remind the lawyer’s staff politely that this request for an appointment is because you have been patient, and have tried to reach the lawyer one or two times previously, with no return call. Give a number where you may be reached in case the personal injury lawyer wishes to return the call, instead of having a full conference in the office. Explain that you will be travelling to the conference and taking time out of your day, and that the lawyer or lawyer’s staff should please be sure to call you far in advance if the conference needs to be rescheduled.

Frankly, all my clients get my personal cell phone number and I take all calls, unless I’m in a deposition or in Court.

I respect the fact that many lawyers want to “have a life”, and that some clients may abuse the usage of having a lawyer’s personal cell phone number, but I think of the legal profession as a service and not strictly a business, so, I give old fashioned service to my clients, along with my personal contact number.

What are normal legal fees for a Personal Injury Case in Florida?

Most Florida Personal injury Lawyers use what is called a “contingency fee” agreement. Under the typical agreement, the lawyer will only get paid for legally representing you if there is money compensation obtained for your personal injury case.

Typically, the lawyers in Florida Personal Injury cases charge a percentage of the total recovery. The personal injury lawyer’s fee will come off the top; after that, case costs and medical bills will be deducted; and the remainder will, most of the time, be your net amount.

Now, let me tell you about the percentage of fees. The legal fees will start, usually, at 33 and 1/3rd percent; if the case cannot settle and a lawsuit is filed, after a response to the lawsuit (called an “answer”), the fees will jump up to 40%.

If there is an appeal, the lawyer fees may go up another 5%. Should you be suing the State of Florida, the Florida personal injury lawyer’s fees cannot be more than 25%.

What are typical Florida Personal Injury Case costs?

There is no simple answer to questions about the costs of Florida personal injury cases and lawsuits, because each personal injury case is different. It also depends on how far the case is going to go before it hopefully settles.

Generally, a Florida personal injury claim that goes to trial is much more expensive than a similar personal injury claim that reaches settlement before litigation begins.

I think the insurance company bribed my Personal Injury Lawyer. The Attorney wants me to take a very low offer, how can I tell if this has happened?

Honestly, I have never known this to happen in 30 years.

Law licenses mean much to lawyers, and have taken lawyers many years to obtain. The insurance companies make big profits, and can afford to have a few losing cases, so why do they need to bribe a lawyer?

A person from another country, where such occurrences are perhaps common, usually asks this type of question.

How can I figure out if my Florida Personal Injury Lawyer’s advice to take what I think is a low offer is the right advice?

I suggest you get a second opinion, after explaining to that Florida Personal Injury Lawyer that there should be no hard feelings and that you would do the same thing for any health or medical condition.

Especially because once your personal injury case is totally settled with all negligent parties, it is very hard, and sometimes downright impossible, to undo.

Office Location and Service Areas

Mark J. Leeds, P.A. handles cases throughout Florida from his Fort Lauderdale office.

Here is a list of some of the counties and cities we serve:
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